Winning Happens in The Mind First" with Performance Strategist, Chris Villani
Chris Villani is a Performance Strategist, who has a strong background as a certified hypnotist and neurolinguistic programming. We really dive deep into mental toughness in this podcast, as well as key topics like “What separates an elite performer from an average joe” And “The one thing you can do to get 99.9% further than anyone else.” If you are interested in learning more how the mind works and how you can shape it to give you an advantage, you won’t want to miss this.
Special Guest P.J. Isaac | Pilates Instructor
PJ Isaac is a Pilates instructor in Charlotte. I had the pleasure of speaking to her and discussing key concepts like 
- what is a neutral spine?
- is it safe to do Pilates if you have back pain?
- some of the main benefits that come from Pilates
And much more!
Tune in to this awesome session if you’re interested in how Pilates can change your life!
Special Guests Xavier and Brittney | Owners of Pump Fitness Studio
​“I had the pleasure of sitting down with Brittney and Xavier, proud owners of Pump Fitness Studio, who are fitness and nutritional experts. They’ve trained “in the trenches” and have learned a lot in their years of training others.
We discuss
* the future of fitness and health
* how they are addressing some of the biggest problems in the fitness industry
* how their coaching helps them address their clients needs in every facet of health
Special Guest Qaden Lee | IFBB Pro Athlete | GM of Golds Gym in Rock Hill
I had the pleasure of sitting down with IFBB Pro, Qaden Lee, who is also the general manager at the golds gym in Rock Hill.
He shares what it takes to get started to get into competing, as well as the different classes you need to know about (bodybuilding, bikini, etc).
For those interested in taking the next big step in their health, listen to this amazing session!
Special Guest - Dietician Jackie Womble | "How to Recover and Rehabilitate with Proper Nutrition"
Jackie Sharp Womble is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist and former Wellness Director for Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. In this episode, we will discuss the topic "Recover and Rehabilitation." Listen to this amazing podcast with Dietician Jackie Womble.
Special Guest Dr. Monica Vaghela | Naturopathic Doctor
I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to Dr. Monica Vaghela, a naturopathic doctor in the southern Charlotte area. It was amazing to discuss intermittent fasting, thyroid diseases, adrenal fatigue. I highly suggest you give this a listen!

Special Guest Dr. Mike Smith | Naturopathic Physician Trained Doctor
​Dr. Mike Smith is a Naturopathic Physician who has an amazing approach to health. We covered a wide array of topics in this dense podcast, from how he treats anxiety / depression, discusses the importance of gut health, and even how he's seen a downward trend in male's testosterone levels.
Buckle up and listen in on this amazing podcast session with Dr. Mike Smith.

Episode 26 | How To Get Back To Running A 5K After A Knee Injury
​In this episode, I go solo to tell you my thoughts on how you can get back to not only running a 5k after a knee injury, but getting back to a very high level of mileage per week.
I find that a lot of runners aren't aware of the fact that they are losing strength, balance, and / or coordination at times and this ultimately yields pain at times in their knee. I expound upon this much more in detail in today's podcast.

Special Guest Ken Newbill | Health Transformational Specialist | Pr1me Time Podcast | Health Coach
I had the pleasure of talking to Ken Newbill, a Health Transformational Specialist. He truly is unlike anyone I've ever talked to, with a wide array of services and value he can offer.
What I really liked about him is that he can cast a "wide net," to make sure that all of your problems are being worked on, whether it be nutrition, accountability, working out, etc. This was a fantastic podcast session.

Special Guest Lyndsay Johnson | Master Health Educator and Nutrionist
Lyndsay Johnson is a Master Health Educator and Nutritionist. She shares with us a little bit about her story and how she first got started in Nutrition. We also dive into the common flaws she sees in people's diets, as well how she handles those with increasingly complex diets ( gluten free, vegan, keto, etc). We hit on so many key topics in the field of nutrition that you won't want to miss this one!