Special Guest Tiffany Chambers | Profile By Sanford | Pr1me Time Podcast
​In this episode, we interview Tiffany Chambers, area manager to Profile by Sanford, where they offer personalized nutrition plans supported by 1-1 coaching. I thought that this was a great model as I understand the complexity in what has to occur in order for someone to lose weight and achieve the look they want!
Great, short episode packed with a lot of information.

Special Guest Shakina Middleton | Fitness Instructor ​
Shakina is not only a Body Pump class instructor, but also teaches as a Spin class. She has been involved in the health and fitness world for nearly all of her life, which came to a halt when she suffered a knee injury.
She required surgery for her knee and we use our time together to chat and discuss the trials and efforts she's had to go through in order to return back to the life she loves. A very powerful conversation lies ahead for you!

Special guest Jennifer Ragland | Restorative Yoga Specialist
Jennifer Ragland is a Restorative Yoga Specialist who works at Enlighten Yoga. I had the pleasure of catching up with her and literally trying Restorative Yoga personally with her. We sat down to just chat about what Restorative Yoga is, as well as the plethora of benefits it has to offer.

Special Guest Dr. Alicia Brown | Better Brain and Body
Dr. Alicia Brown is a Chiropractic Neurologist who has set up an amazing environment at her facility to help optimize brain and body function. Whether you're struggling with balance, a previous brain injury, or an athlete suffering with concussions, Dr. Alicia Brown and her team can really make a difference.
I had a great time chatting to her in this special Pr1me Time episode.

Special Guest Josef Brandenburg | Owner of True 180 Personal Training
I had the luxury of sitting down with Josef Brandenburg, who is not only the owner of True 180 Personal Training, but has been a personal trainer since 1998. He is a Best Selling author. He has been featured on CNN and FOX as well as in the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune as a fitness expert.
And he had one heck of a story to share in today's Pr1me Time episode!

Special Guest Chris Howard | Owner of Fitness Together Waxhaw
Chris Howard, the owner of Fitness Together in Waxhaw, has an amazing story to share with the world. He is an athlete recovering from a bicep's tear and surgery and also shares how he has recovered utilizing his powerlifting experience.
Tune in to hear his take on how his recovery has gone thus far and what he's taken away from his rehabilitative process!

Episode 25 | How To Continue To Play Golf and Tennis After A Back Injury
It can be incredibly challenging to return back to playing your favorite two sports, golf, or tennis, after a back injury.
Both of these sports are actually quite demanding on your back, and unless you bulletproof your spine and lower back from an injury, it almost seems like it's fate that you're going to have another low back injury.
Tune in to today's hot Podcast where Dr. Kuntz breaks down his experience on how you can get back to playing golf or tennis pain free!

Special Episode | Interview with Brian Manion | Personal Trainer at Childress Klein YMCA
I had the pleasure of sitting down with Brian Manion, an experienced personal trainer who currently trains out of the YMCA - Childress Klein.
This was an info-packed extended episode where we discuss different types of training methods, when to refer clients out, and how he continues to get great results when training his clients!

Episode 24 | How To Return Back To Tennis And Golf After A Rotator Cuff Surgery
As we get older, it's incredibly common for us to want to continue to play golf and tennis forever! They're a classic couple of sports that country clubs often offer and are relatively easy on the body...
But what happens when you are forced to have a rotator cuff surgery and want to get back to these two sports!
Tune in for today's podcast where Dr. Kuntz shares his insight on what needs to be done in order to return to these fun two sports!

Episode 23 | Are You Feeling Old And Broken? 
As we get older, life can throw a number of curveballs and challenges at us... Let alone the injuries.
Injuries do nothing but accumulate as we get older and some of our previous injuries compound themselves on our current weaknesses and joints.
So how do we avoid the fact that we feel Old and Broken down? What can we do about it?
Let Dr. Kuntz explain his side of the story and how we can stay motivated to continue to workout!

Episode 22 | What's The Difference Between Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy?
It seems nowadays people more than ever tap into a Massage Therapist to help with their pain.. and quite frankly, I understand why. Physical therapy care has generally trended downhill, since most are under specific contracts with insurance companies, leading to ridiculously high volume of clientele per physical therapist. Thus, poorer quality of care and less hands on time.
That being said, when both providers are able to proficiently provide quality, hands on care, what's the difference!?
Tune into today's Podcast session where we dive deep into this hot topic!

Episode 21 | Is It Safe To Return To Squatting And Deadlifting After A Back Injury? 
It can be particularly challenging to get back to squatting and deadlifting after back injuries. In fact, in my experience, some of the most challenging aspects of getting back to doing these two lifts is the CONFIDENCE we lack because of the history of the pain.
So the question is asked, "Is it safe to return to these two movements after a back injury after all?"
Tune in to find out!

Episode 20 | How to Continue To Workout As You Get Older Without Pain
When you’re 20 years old, it feels like you can lift any weight, however you want, and never have to deal with any consequences.
But as we get older, life changes. Injuries occur. Fear that we would’ve never even imagined creeps into our lives and all of a sudden, we’re not sure we can keep working out the way we used to.
In fact, sometimes we’re not sure if we can even keep working out at all!
Listen in to today’s Pr1me Time episode to learn how you can confidently continue to workout even as you get older!

Episode 19 | Part III - The Terrific Trio; Cupping, Dry Needling, And Hands On Care
In Part III of this mini series, Dr. Kuntz finally dives into what "hands on care," really means and the difference between different types of "massages," that people receive, whether it be with a physical therapist, a bodywork specialist, or even a massage therapist.
He will also go into his experience as to what has helped him help others achieve improved range of motion, strength, and most importantly, the life they were looking for, all from hands on care!

Episode 18 | Part II - The Terrific Trio; Cupping, Dry Needling, And Hands On Care
In Part II of this mini series, Dr. Kuntz elaborates on the benefits of dry needling from his clinical and anecdotal experience. Who is it for? How is it different than acupuncture?
With such a powerful tool at hand and all of the questions surrounding it, you won't want to miss this episode!

Episode 17 | Part I - The Terrific Trio; Cupping, Dry Needling, And Hands On Care
Episode 17 | Part I - The Terrific Trio; Cupping, Dry Needling, And Hands On Care
In this hot episode, Dr. Kuntz discusses how, through his experience and clinical results he’s achieved, the terrific trio of cupping, dry needling and hands on care has been instrumental for his success.
In this Part I episode, we will introduce all three tools, however Dr. Kuntz will dive into the details you won’t want to miss about how he has successfully incorporated dynamic cupping into his practice.

Episode 16 | Have I Done Irreversible Wear And Tear Damage?
During this Pr1me Time Episode, Dr. Kuntz goes over the impact that the mindset "Irreversible Wear and Tear Damage," can have on someone. This mindset often leads people into a state of fear which is NOT a healthy state.
Tune in to hear how Dr. Kuntz approaches this profound topic in the field of healthcare!