Episode 15 | How To Avoid Joint Pain When Engaging In Your Strength Training Regime
Weight training can be the panacea for your body... that is... if you can stay away from joint pain! Joint pain can be a nuisance and can shut down a great workout program very quick.
In this episode, Dr. Kuntz dives into the details as to what exactly joint pain feels like, how we can mitigate it, and how we can keep working out without dealing with it!

Episode 14 | What's The Difference Between Flexibility, Stability, And Mobilit
Flexibility, stability and mobility often pop up as frequent terms as you approach your rehabilitative journey. However, I find that these terms get used too interchangeably, yet there are some distinct differences between them.
Learn as to how Dr. Kuntz defines these terms and how they can impact your rehab journey!

EpisodEpisode 13 | Is Walking And Swimming Really Enough?
In this episode, I dive into the deep discussion regarding those who are walking and swimming everyday, but are still having pain. The reality is, there is a huge cohort of people that find themselves doing this and are simply perplexed why they still have pain...
Their doctor told them to walk everyday for 2 miles to solve their back pain, but it's not working!
Their doctor told them to swim 3x a week for 20 minutes for their shoulder pain, but they're still having shoulder pain!
See my point?!
Tune into this hot episode to see what I think needs to be done in these circumstances.

Special Pr1me Time Episode with Fitness Fanatic Guest, Larry Dawso
Larry Dawson is a fitness fanatic who has an amazing story to tell; ranging from a brutal car accident that left him almost unable to walk, to a rough upbringing, and how he uses those experiences and his passion of working out to support others in their quest of becoming healthy and fit!
We discuss...
* Brutal car accident and what it took for him to fight back
* The importance of working out
* Block time out to work out when you’re busy!
* Larry’s amazing expos
* Why we need recovery
* The importance of sex!?

Episode 12 - When Do You Really Need A Corticosteroid Shot For Your Pain
Corticosteroid shots are frequently used nowadays, especially when you are having relentless pain that just won't seem to go away. However, they have strong side effects to them, and some of them may surprise you.
In this hot topic, Dr. Kuntz breaks down his thoughts around the excessive use of Corticosteroid shots and when they should actually be used

Episode 11 | How To Help Your Child Achieve A Collegiate Athletic Scholarshi
It can be more competitive out there than ever to help your child achieve an athletic collegiate scholarship, but there's a lot more to it than just 'hoping' they will be able to make it.
We have to consider what your kid will be able to safely do as they grow up, such as weight training, sport specificity, nutrition, etc.
I wanted to provide this podcast to provide some education on the functional 'front' so that the parents out there interested in this can do it smarter and not jeopardize the health of their children!

Episode 10 | A Perspective on Health | Iphone Vs Health | Pr1me Tim
In this episode, we discuss the perception of value. A great example of this is how willing people are now to spend literally thousands of dollars on an iPhone, yet they cheap out or scrutinize the amount of money they’re willing to spend on their health!
Of course we understand not all healthcare is created equal, and it is INCREDIBLY important to make sure you see value in the health treatment you seek.
However, WHEN you find great value from a healthcare professional, how does that value compare to a man made material like an iPhone?
Tune in on this riveting podcast to hear more!

Episode 9 | My Personal Experience With Stem Cell Procedures | Pr1me Tim
Stem cells have gained a lot of attention lately and rightfully so. Listen in to this Pr1me Time Episode to learn my personal experience having treated those who have undergone a stem cell orthopedic procedure.
We delve into the fact that although, in my experience, it's not a miracle drug, it does provide the client an opportunity to get back to doing the things they love without an invasive surgery!
When a stem cell procedure works, it's a wonderful thing!

Episode 8 | What Are The Push Up, Squat, And Daily Challenges Really Doing For Your Health
Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge advocate of exercise-based challenges, but what are the pros and cons?
Is there a better way?
Listen in to find out!

Episode 7 | Why You Need To Continue To Squat, Deadlift And Press After the Age of 50
The reality is that squatting, deadlifting and pressing are involved in everyday movements! Of course when we exercise and train, we abide by the principle of 'overload,' so that when we go back to everyday activities, we can do them easier without pain!
If we completely NEGLECT these movements in our training method, they will still show up as pre-requisites during everyday movement. Not to mention, doing these movements during our everyday movements can cause fear, apprehension and compensations since we are 'nervous,' to not do the movement.
Being nervous and creating compensations around your squat, deadlift, or reaching overhead can cause a sequelae of problems itself!
A take home point here is that we don't all have to be bodybuilders or extreme weightlifters, but we do at the minimum have to be successful and performing pain free fundamental movements in an everyday fashion.
We may as well work with a specialist who will thoroughly examine our movement to determine what our current level of function is in those three fundamental movements ( squat, deadlift, press) to help us train appropriately and pain free!

Episode 6 | Foam Rolling - Friend Or Foe? | Pr1me Movemen
Foam rolling has gained a lot of attention in the health and fitness world in the past 10-15 years.
However it’s turned into a ‘miracle’ worker where all of a sudden it is a one stop shop to a pain free life.
Granted the reality is that it’s NOT a miracle worker, but where does it have it’s place?
What benefits truly lie within the practice of foam rolling?
Dr. Kuntz takes us through his personal thoughts on the practicality and uses of foam rolling.

Episode 5 | The Top 3 Reasons You're Not Working Out | Pr1me Movemen
In this episode, we discuss how time seems to be the limiting factor in our abilities to continue to work out! Not only does TIME seem to be a barrier to us getting back to working out, but FEAR and ENERGY as well!
In this episode, we want to address the fact that there are common, everyday obstacles that get in our way from getting back in shape again!
Let's tackle your obstacles head on, starting with this inspirational podcast!

Episode 4 | How To Avoid Injuries, Staleness And Plateaus In Your Workout Training Regime
It's really important to find a rhythm that allows you to continue to progress in your health and fitness over time. All too often I see people try to pick up 'working out,' as if it's just a fad that they want to give a shot at. The reality is, this needs to be a lifestyle!
Also, I mentioned more information about a deload week. I discuss this in much more detail in my ebook. Just feel free to email me at chadk@pr1memovement.com to receive it!

Episode 3 | Is Continuing To Workout Selfish Or Selfless
In this episode, Dr. Kuntz discusses how obstacles can arise as we get older, therefore challenging our ability to CONTINUE to workout.
We find ourselves balancing more than ever as we get older, balancing family time, running / owning a business, helping out and running around with our children, etc.
But the question is.. is it Selfish to take out of the day for yourself despite so much going on in your everyday life?
The reality is NO! We need to actually continue to BLOCK time out to take time out for ourselves so that we can BETTER serve those around us!

Episode 2 | Why We Don't Believe In "Discharge" I Pr1me Movement | Ballantyne Physical Therap
In this episode, Dr. Kuntz discusses how insurances have taken over and have negatively influenced care. In fact, they continue to “authorize” less and less visits for their customers, therefore suffocating their customer’s chances of often following through their full quantity of visits. . . therefore yielding poorer and poorer results from healthcare practitioners.
Instead, we believe in ongoing Clinical Performance and Recovery Visits, meaning after a client finishes up their initial plan of care, they SHOULD continue to still take some form of action on preventing their original source of pain / problem / dysfunction.
WE’ve found that around 1x a month to 1x every 3 months seems to help a majority of our clients CONTINUE to not only stay away from their original pain, but to continue to move and feel better than ever!

Episode 1 | Welcome To Pr1me Time I Pr1me Movement | Charlotte I N
In this episode, Dr. Kuntz introduces you to Pr1me Time and how he felt compelled to create Pr1me Time in order to help answer any questions you may have! Pr1me Time will open up time to discuss any questions you have ranging from sports / orthopedic injuries, pain, rehabilitation ( physical therapy), all the way through strength and conditioning and sports performance. Tune in to learn more! Pr1me Time with Dr. Kuntz is a very unique opportunity where you will get to tune in on how he dissects, analyzes, and breaks down some of the hottest trending topics in the health and fitness continuum.
With his background as a Physical Therapist and Specialist in Orthopedics, Sports, and Strength and Conditioning, you will have the luxury of learning about a wide variety of scenarios that may all at one point or another, impact your health. These short and sweet clips will help you remain educated and motivated so that you can continue to Pr1me your body!